Learning Zone

Learning Zone

Learning Zone, the Domain of “Learning from the Learners”, comprises the content or the projects, created by local school children from different diversity and culture for the sake of betterment of the underprivileged and necessitous learner who can also share his/her views on particular content/project.

The Learning Zone extends four categories to the learners.

The Most Viewed Contents shows the Contents or Projects which has been viewed by more number of learners.

The Core Subjects include the Contents/Projects of Biology, Chemistry, English, Geography, Hindi, History, Math, Physics and Social Study.

The Interesting Topics include the Contents/Projects of Computer, Electronics, Environment, Famous People, General Knowledge, Major Inventions, Tourism and Others.

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Latest Article on Chemistry

  • Coresub_FullstryImg_chem_13_chemical_equilibrium

    Rate of Chemical equilibrium

    A chemical change is called a chemi... Read more

  • CoreSub_Chem_SynImg_5Phosporous_Pic_1


    Phosphorous is a non metal placed i... Read more

  • CoreSub_Chem_SynImg_3.Phosporous_Pic_1


    Phosphorus is commonly misspelled "... Read more

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    Phosphorus (P) is an essential elem... Read more

Latest Article in Biology

  • CoreSub_Bio_SynImg_20WorldOfBird_Pic_1

    World Of Bird

    We are attracted by birds so much b... Read more

  • CoreSub_Bio_SynImg_21WildLife_Pic_1

    Wild Life

    Conservation of Wild life is a comp... Read more

  • Coresub_FullstryImg_Bio_10_whatis_an_eye

    What is an eye

    This project deals with all basic i... Read more

  • Coresub_FullstryImg_Bio_1_vitamins


    Vitamins are identified by H.G.Hopk... Read more

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