Education Facilitators

This page gives a glipms of those organisation and agencies, working in the area of education to facilitate and make learning easy for the learners and educators both. Here one can get various organisation’s detail and their products detail for their schools or other education venture. Also you can suggest any agency, assisting eduvation in any means.

Govt. Schemes

India’s constitution provides that both the Central and the State Governments can bring laws and frame policies on education in India or in simpler words, this is the responsibly of both the respective State Governments as well as the Union Government. This page provides all the government policies and schemes for education and educators whether students, teachers or schools.

Indian Curriculum

The new National Curriculum Framework has put the child firmly at the centre of its proposals.This section shows Indian Education System comprises stages called Nursery,Primary,Secondary,Higher Secondary,Graduation & Post Graduation. Get detailed information related to Distance education, Online Education, Non-formal Education and Vocational Education.

Indian Schooling

The School system in India is based upon 12 years of school (10+2), which includes primary and secondary schooling. Primary and Secondary schools are affiliated with Central or states boards for conduct of examination. This page provides detailed information on all boards, Technical boards, IITs, Polytechnics, ITIs, and other professional courses and Institutes.

My India

India, the land of diversity in Unity. This section of the site is dedicated to know our nation in each aspect. Here one can get detailed information on National Symbols, States and UTs, Indian Government, Festivals, Art & Crafts, Indian Music & Dance, Languages in India, World Heritage Sites in India, Monuments in India and Museums in India. Go and enrich yourself with India.

Working NGOs

NGOs are helping to enhance education in grassroot level by means of ICt or other. This page give various statewise NGOs working in the field of Education. Get detailed information about welll known NGOs in grassroot level and their projects, and schemes. Any organisation delas with education can send the details and link of organisation to upload on gyanpedia.

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