How to Use gyanpedia?

How to Use gyanpedia?

How to Upload my Content/Project on gyanpedia?

  • First register yourself on gyanpedia and fill the given form;
  • Login to gyanpedia with your user ID and password;
  • Click on Upload your content button;
  • Fill the details about particular and submit;
  • After approval of your content/video it will appear on site within 24hr;
  • If it does not work click here to upolad;

How to Use Blog on gyanpedia?

The Blog consists of these five features:

  • New Blog: Enables authorized users to create a new blog and an entry to an existing blog.
  • Most recent blog entries: Enables authorized users to read entries to a selected blog, add new entries to their own blog, and add comments to a blog. This module also has a number of administrative setting which set the layout of blog entries.
  • Blog List: Displays a linked list of all existing blogs, a link to view all recent entries.
  • Blog Archive: Displays a monthly calendar highlighting any days which have a blog entry. Below the calendar is a list of any month with a blog entry.
  • Search Blog: Enables searching of blogs by keyword or phrase. Searches can be made on all blogs or individual blogs.

How to Upload my Video on gyanpedia?

The Blog consists of these five features:

  • Registered user can upload videos to share with other;
  • Go to Reference Zone, Click on Video Galley then click on Upload New Video;
  • Fill the details of that video and tick suitable category then browse then click on upload video;
  • After approval it will be shown on video gallery inside the chosen category with in 24 hr;
  • If it does not work click here to upload;

How to Add a Forum Post?

A Forum entry (sometimes referred to as a post) is added to a Forum List.

  • Click on the name of the Forum List for the post.
  • Click the New Thread.
  • In the Subject field, enter the subject of the thread.  This will be the title of the post as it appears on the site.  Choose a subject that best describes the purpose and content of the post.
  • In the Rich Text Enter, enter the content of the post.
  • At Attachments, click the Search button to add an attachment.
  • At Pinned, check to ‘pin’ the post above existing posts for this Forum List – OR – uncheck if the post will appear next in the list.
  • At Notification, check to be notified when a reply is made to this post – OR – uncheck to disable notification.
  • At Locked? Check to prevent others from replying to this post or uncheck to permit replies.
  • Click Update.  You can now edit the Forum to add attachments.

How to add blog entry?

Add a new entry to an existing blog.

  • Click Add Blog Entry on the New Blog module.
  • In the Title field, enter a title for the blog as it will appear on the page.
  • In the Summary field (may be optional or mandatory), enter a summary of the blog entry.
  • In the Blog field, enter your blog content.
  • At Published, check the check box if you are ready to publish this entry, or uncheck if you don’t want to publish it yet.
  • At Allow users to comment on this entry (overrides Blog Setting), check the check box to enable users to add comments. See Add A Blog for more comment settings.
  • At Display Copyright notice at the bottom of your entry, check the check box if you want to display a copyright notice for this entry. If checked, this will display the Copyright notice. Edit this notice if required.
  • At Track back URL (optional), enter a reference URL to another blog if desired.
  • Click Update.

How to View My Post in Forum?

Permit a user to quickly view all of their own posts. Click the My Posts button. All posts will be returned.

How to approve blog comment?

Approve a comment added to a blog entry. Blog entries with comments are indicated by the Comments link below the entry stating the number of comments for that entry. e.g. Comments (0) has no comments, Comments (8) has eight comments.

  •     Locate the entry with the comment to be approved;
  • Click the More… link to view the post;
  • Click the Edit button beside the comment;
  • Edit the comment if desired;
  • Click Add Comment;

How to Edit a Forum Post?

Users can edit their own forum posts. Administrators can edit all posts.

  • Locate the post entry using the Forum menu, by using the Search.
  • Click on the post subject.
  • Click the Edit button.
  • Edit any fields as required.
  • Click Update.

How to Quote a Forum Post?

Users can quote an existing forum post. Quoting a post adds the name of the poster and the content of the post to this new post.

  • Locate the post entry using the Forum menu, by using the Search.
  • Click on the post subject.
  • Click the Quote.
  • Add your content.
  • Click Update.


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