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Parents Panel

This Panel helps parents to get aware about different issues for the betterment of their child. Here Teen Section provides the current matters affecting teens, most common issues to take concern about. One can get patenting tips, grown-up issues and baby names. Also they can put their suggestions here to share views from other parents.

Students Panel

This section allows the access of services a student need. Study Corner helps you to find out the resources relevant to your studies. Help Line gives you a fearless environment of asking and knowing from the experts. Online tutorial gives students a pivotal support during exams and study. Kids Learning Zone provides the relavant stuff for kids to learn and play both. A career center here will guide students to plan their career.

Teachers Panel

Teachers Panel includes a no. of activities for Teachers like Training for the Teachers, Professional Learning opportunities, Government Schemes for teachers, Profiles of numerous Teachers, and Jobs. Here teachers can get all the informational websites to develop their skills and join a learning community.

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