About Gyanpedia

About Gyanpedia

What is Gyanpedia

Gyanpedia is an initiative of Digital Empowerment Foundation with whole hearted support from Media Lab Asia, to create a Comprehensive, multilingual, dynamic virtual platform for country wide content exchange program for the learning community – children as well as teachers. This will facilitate learning and sharing and thereby boost e-learning and e-education processes. This will contribute towards India emerging a knowledge society and preserve the local knowledge as well.

What is the need?

1. For promoting computer added learning at the grass root level of education system. 2. Preserving the valuable thoughts, ideas and creativity of school children using ICT 3. Creating one of the largest educational content library for learning communities to share & exchange knowledge and ideas. 4. To facilitate educational content promotion, showcasing, sharing, exchange for wider benefit of the education community from across government, civil society, and corporate entities having CSR interventions.

How vast it is?
  • India’s first multilingual e-content learning platform for learning communities.
  • Gyanpedia has aggregated digital content of children from 7 States (RJ, UKH, OR, TN, AP, KT, KL), 7 Language & 7 Classes (6th-12th)
  • Equipped with all knowledge sharing services viz. Blog, Wiki, Gallery, Forum, Events, Faq, Feedback and videos.
  • The e-content, created by local students & teachers from more than 300 schools across the country has been shared on advanced searched based web portal.
  • All the content has been categoriesed by subject wise, Topic wise and school wise.
  • Content in the form of pictures is on the portal for kids as well.
  • Numerous videos of children activities and creativity is available.
  • Education Reference portal is an integral part of gyanpedia, allow a learner to learn form different sites.
  • Information on & for different education facilitators and knowledge providers.
  • A registered user can share his/her content, pics, projects or videos by uploading on gyanpedia.
Targeted Communities
  • Gyanpedia is conceptualized to serve the student community at large in India pursuing studies in government run schools cutting across rural-urban divide and cultural and geographical spread, while connecting hundreds of schools through an Internet based knowledge network.
  • It also involves the teaching community in those schools sharing their knowledge resources through their students. At the wider level, it serves the wider education facilitators, parents and teachers, researchers, knowledge providers and others.
  • Parents can be the soul part of this community as they are one of the most important stakeholders to make it possible.
What is Unique?
  • Contents/Projects, divided in 20 categories (curriculum & general topic based)
  • All contents/projects are created by students and teachers from across the country
  • Any one can view, read and download the original content/project for his/her study
  • Registered user can upload his/her content/project, image, video
  • A section of referential website is also posted on gyanpedia
Benefits to the Community
  • A free to access online knowledge and educational platform;
  • An interactive mode of education;
  • Best content developed award for schools;
  • Computer Education training and certification;
  • IT training for students & teachers;
  • Inter school educational content programs;
  • An online educational digital content library;
  • Easy access to educational information and resource agencies for the Schools;
  • Educational fairs / workshops / seminars;
  • Promotion of ‘School Tourism’.
  • Promote the joy of creativity among children;
  • Provide a platform for child’s expression;
  • Facilitate interaction of the child with world around;

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