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  • Coresub_FullstryImg_chem_13_chemical_equilibrium

    Rate of Chemical equilibrium

    A chemical change is called a chemi... Read more

  • CoreSub_Chem_SynImg_5Phosporous_Pic_1


    Phosphorous is a non metal placed i... Read more

  • CoreSub_Chem_SynImg_3.Phosporous_Pic_1


    Phosphorus is commonly misspelled "... Read more

  • CoreSub_Chem_FStoryImg_13Phosphorous_Pic_1


    Phosphorus (P) is an essential elem... Read more

Latest Article in Biology

  • CoreSub_Bio_SynImg_20WorldOfBird_Pic_1

    World Of Bird

    We are attracted by birds so much b... Read more

  • CoreSub_Bio_SynImg_21WildLife_Pic_1

    Wild Life

    Conservation of Wild life is a comp... Read more

  • Coresub_FullstryImg_Bio_10_whatis_an_eye

    What is an eye

    This project deals with all basic i... Read more

  • Coresub_FullstryImg_Bio_1_vitamins


    Vitamins are identified by H.G.Hopk... Read more

    • Eye

      Here students are talking about different parts of eye such as lens, cornea, retina, pupil, iris, optic nerve, sclera. By: Ashok Kumar Created By School Address Email Class Unknown Govt Model B.H.S.School Thycaud, Kerala 9th

    • Eye

      The eyes are the sense organs for vision. They contain receptors called photo receptors viz. rod and cone cells, which convert the energy of specific wavelengths of light into action potentials of nerve fibres. By: Ashok ...

    • Execretion System

      Explaining the Excretion System in detail with the pictures so that the student can understand very easily. By: Ashok Kumar Created By School Address Email Class D. Indu Ashwini, U. Vijaya Lakshmi Vallal Sabapathy Matric.Hr.Sec.School Chennai, Tamil Nadu 10th Click here to download the PPT

    • Excretory System

      The presentation describes structure of Human Urinary System that consists of a pair of kidneys, a pair of ureters, the urinary bladder, the urethra. By: Vikrant Mishra Created By School Address Email Class D.Indu Ashwini, U. Vijaya Lakshmi and Guided By: Mrs. ...

    • Ear

      Ear is the sense organ which helps us in hearing. It also helps us in maintaining the balance or equilibrium of our body. By: Ashok Kumar Created By School Address Email Class Jithin krishna.R, Arjun Manoj, Sooraj Dev.J.R, Mohammed Suhail S.M.V.H.School Kerala 10th Click ...



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            Latest Article in English

            • Coresub_FullstryImg_Eng_6_verb


              A Verb is a word which says some th... Read more

            • Coresub_FullstryImg_Eng_9_tense


              Learn how verbs changes with presen... Read more

            • Coresub_FullstryImg_Eng_8_tenses


              Tense is a form of verb that indica... Read more

            • Coresub_FullstryImg_Eng_3_singular_plural

              Singular & Plural

              The noun stands for only one thing ... Read more

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