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Latest Article on Chemistry

  • Coresub_FullstryImg_chem_13_chemical_equilibrium

    Rate of Chemical equilibrium

    A chemical change is called a chemi... Read more

  • CoreSub_Chem_SynImg_5Phosporous_Pic_1


    Phosphorous is a non metal placed i... Read more

  • CoreSub_Chem_SynImg_3.Phosporous_Pic_1


    Phosphorus is commonly misspelled "... Read more

  • CoreSub_Chem_FStoryImg_13Phosphorous_Pic_1


    Phosphorus (P) is an essential elem... Read more

Latest Article in Biology

  • CoreSub_Bio_SynImg_20WorldOfBird_Pic_1

    World Of Bird

    We are attracted by birds so much b... Read more

  • CoreSub_Bio_SynImg_21WildLife_Pic_1

    Wild Life

    Conservation of Wild life is a comp... Read more

  • Coresub_FullstryImg_Bio_10_whatis_an_eye

    What is an eye

    This project deals with all basic i... Read more

  • Coresub_FullstryImg_Bio_1_vitamins


    Vitamins are identified by H.G.Hopk... Read more

    • Blood

      Blood is a thick,salty,slightly alkaline,opaque red, liquid Connective tissue,which acts as the principal transporting medium in our body. By:Vikrant Mishra Created By School Address Email Class Narayan Chandra Majumdar, Arup Sen Gupta Jodhpur Park Boys School Orissa 9th

    • Bio-diversity

      A study on barks of the plant and observation for live organism UP TO 6 Feet height from the bottom of each plant was observed the impressions of bark on paper were taken with ...

    • Bio Mes

      The distribution of biomes is largely determined by factors like precipitation,temperature, light & other climatic factors. By:Ashok Kumar Created By School Address Email Class Ramya .J.N., Nayana.G., Ramya.N., Veena .S Bapu Composite College Karnataka Click here to download the PPT

    • Bacterial Diseases

      There are Seven Types of bacterial Diseases namely: Tetanus, Tuberculosis, Cholera, Tyophoid, Leprosy, Plague, Anthrox. By:Administrator Account Created By School Address Email Class Neeraja .K.J, Aruna.R, Shwetha.K M.L.A. High School Karnataka 9th Click here to download the PPT

    • Arthopoda

      In Greek arthros means joint podos means foot.The phylum arthropoda is the largest phylum in the animal kingdom. These animals have joint legs. They are called the joint-legged animals or the arthropods. By:Ashok Kumar Created By School Address Email Class Student Anjuman-i-islams’s Dr. ...



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            Latest Article in English

            • Coresub_FullstryImg_Eng_6_verb


              A Verb is a word which says some th... Read more

            • Coresub_FullstryImg_Eng_9_tense


              Learn how verbs changes with presen... Read more

            • Coresub_FullstryImg_Eng_8_tenses


              Tense is a form of verb that indica... Read more

            • Coresub_FullstryImg_Eng_3_singular_plural

              Singular & Plural

              The noun stands for only one thing ... Read more

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